It starts from Friday 17 at 11 with the inauguration conference of the Biker Fest, with the presence of all the local Authorities and Organizers. Every evening, on the main stage, presentations of motorbike travels, with videos and great guests will find space.

-Sandra Luzzani (Novara)
Solo trip to Iceland, August 2021.

-MIRAL - Alice Zanni and Marco Targon (Vicenza)
Trip with two "Ciao Piaggio" mopeds from Vicenza to the North Cape, August 2021

-Rosario Sala (Trento)
Solo trip from Cape Town (South Africa) to Trento, Winter 2019/2020.

-Presentation of the new journey: "KAMCHATKA 2022/2023", together with fellow adventurers Maurizio Limonta and Franco Ballatore.

If you want to organize a conference on the Biker Fest stage please contact:

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tel. 0432 948272