Biker Fest offers to all visitors a unique occasion in Europe: they can try and drive for free the motorbike of their dreams. The Motorcycle Companies that will be officially present at the event are: Honda, Harley-Davidson, Ducati XDiavel and Scrambler, Suzuki, Yamaha, Moto Guzzi, Aprilia, Indian, BMW Motorrad and Boss Hoss Italy (we are waiting for other confirmations). This year some Motorcycle Companies will offer the possibility to try also some off road models. This happens only at the Biker Fest!


At the Bike Show Contest of the Biker Fest takes place the final of the Italian Motorcycle Championship (14 dates) and the only date of the AMD World Championship with rich prizes like accessories for motorbikes, four reimbursement of expenses (1000 euro each one) for winners, and a exhibition area at the Motor Bike Expo in Verona 2019 for the best rising Customizer and much more! Bike show is held in the spectacular Aquasplash Aquatic Park near Demo Ride Area (Stadio G.Teghil). Don’t miss the occasion, register now your motorbike:


A new area and a new discipline. Between Stadio Teghil and Luna Park this year you’ll find an area where it has been prepared a real oval circuit/TT. During the event you can register for a test drive with racing 450 cc motorbikes set up as flat/dirt or take part to drive courses with professional racers (with the possibility to rent motorbike and clothing when you make the registration). On Sunday you can attend at a stage of the Italian Championship of Dirt Track! For info: CLICCA QUI

We know you don’t miss it at all, but we would remind it in any case! In cooperation with the Moto Club Morena FMI, in the evening of Saturday 12th of May at 7 P.m. the biggest motorbike parade will start from Luna Park and pass through Lignano and the seafront to allow everyone to know this fantastic holiday resort. Organize your group and be on time!

As happened several times in Italy, Biker Fest had foreseen many market trends and it has been the first one to realize an event totally dedicated to Scrambler, bringing forward one of the phenomenon in plain sigh of the moment. So you can see again the Scrambler Challenge, a carefree contest dedicated to vintage and custom Scramblers, the grandmothers of the present Enduro! This year there will be a new TT circuit. Register now and come to discover it: CLICCA QUI

The 23rd edition of the U.S. Car Reunion, the most historic Italian event of American Cars will take place during the 32nd Biker Fest in Lignano Sabbiadoro (Udine). It will seem to be in the film set of American Graffiti with mammoth V8 that will crowd the whole city. MA-FRA, Old School Garage from Pordenone and the historic magazine Cruisin’ welcome all guests. The Sunday morning Parade with 300 crews is something fantastic and the beauty of the cars intertwines with that of dozens of Pin Ups.
Don’t miss it

Maciej Bielicki is 32 years old and has got a wife and two sons. He drives motorbike since he was 6 and he started to practice professional stunt training in 2004 with a Honda CBR F4i. After his first love, he changed 20 motorbikes until an Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200 and an Harley-Davidson Street Rod thanks to which he won the Guinness World Record with the longest burnout in the world. From 2016 he’s one of the Official H-D Europe Stunt Riders and in 2018 you can see him for the first time in Italy at the Biker Fest! FB Stunt Story

This year there will be a new area and a new circuit even more larger for over 300 off road lovers which get together every year on Saturday and Sunday to excite the spirits of adults and babies with their off-road motorbikes (cross and enduro) and test their abilities during the day. Info and registration: CLICCA QUI

Road and Race was born from a very ambitious project: to create a club that join all the enthusiasts of the four wheels without exception of typology, by organizing many-brands events for sporting cars, opening also to other categories like low rider, soft tuning, etc. and by collaborating with the clubs already working on the territory. The target of this new event that will take place on Saturday 12th of May in the Demo Ride area is to create an annual apointment for all sporting car lovers! Dont’t miss. FB Road&Race

To speak about Daboot Team is always complicated: images, videos and lives worth than 1000 words in this case. Their show is the summary of the reasons we love drive motorbikes: freedom, risk and adrenaline. Freestyle is like Fight Club, if you live in biker world you must love it, because in this sport there is only one rule: “There’re no rules”. Come to enjoy the performances of the great Vanni Oddera!


Two wheels at 360 degrees! At the Biker Fest don’t miss any discipline and this year there will be also a great Trial Show made in Friuli Venezia Giulia. The protagonists will be the best pilots of the region and young trial beginners. There will be a real indoor route with artificial insidious obstacles wisely arranged to exalt the driving characteristics of these real rock goats on two wheels. Baby pilots could safety try small electric motorbikes offered by Comitato Regionale FVG and cared for a federal instructor. A guaranteed show! Contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Faithful to the slogan “Rally-Race-Rock Festival” here you are the 11 bands that act like sound track of the 32nd edition of the Biker Fest with their live rock. Musical program

During the last years Motorbike Therapy has been held at the Biker Fest and many TV programs spoke about it. It’s a true occasion to understand and appreciate that our life gives us everyday! Also this year, Friday 11 of May will be dedicated to Motorbike Therapy realized by ASD Vanni FMX and leaded by the famous Vanni Oddera. To attend it from in person is something magic, don’t miss it.

For this year too, JEEPERS friends of the Jeep East Coast Side “Eventi 4x4” Club, will be present at the Biker Fest and will realize an Off Road funny circuit for Jeepers lovers. You can also register for a Safe Drive class or a short aptitudinal text. Dealer Prontoauto will be present statically and dynamically with its Jeep models.

Do you know the “little stars” of MA-FRA that wash your bike as nobody can do? It happens only at the Biker Fest where the famous Company from Milan that sales products for the care and polish of two and four wheels, will propose the unique and original Sexy Bike Wash that will be held in a reserved area in the Luna Park!

Yes guys! This year on Saturday and Sunday you’ll have the possibility to fly over the Biker Fest and Lignano Sabbiadoro peninsula on board an Elifriulia helicopter! Registrations at the Luna park area. 100% pure adrenaline.


After the big success of the last years the Pin Up Contest come again like the most waited of the north-east of Italy. You can see beautiful girls ready to challenge to the sound of lipsticks and pleasantness. This dynamic and funny contest will culminate on Saturday, while on Sunday it will involve the U.S. Car Reunion, to live as best you can that original sound with a Fifties aftertaste that characterize this unique event! SUBSCRIPTIONS

Alfeo Carnelutti, known as “Cocco”, is organising to head out a motorbike journey towards Samarcanda. His unruly history is enough to make extraordinary the challenge he’s going to carry out, but there is another element that increase the greatness of this endeavour: Cocco carries out his journey by a 1939 Harley-Davidson, a vehicle of 5 years older than him. The 11th of May at the Biker Fest, Cocco will tell his history together to Stefano Giacomuzzi, the filmmaker that will follow this adventure, and present the great journey he gets ready to carry out.


You are invited at the historic area of the Biker Fest dedicated to model building where you can find the scale reproduction of the great U.S. Cars. There will be wonderful exhibitions of speed, off road and dynamic performances that will amuse adults and children with the best 1/10 scale Sixties and Seventies American car models. Info: Mauro e Jessica

Saturday, May 12th, 18:00 / 6pm,Terrazza Mare Pier, Lignano-Sabbiadoro

Ivano Segato, CCE Sales Representative for the Italian Market is well known at the Biker Fest in Lignano Sabbiadoro, as he has visited the event for years to talk to Italy-based CCE Dealers and manufacturers at this cool "Mid Season" event, organized by Italian top Magazine "Biker's Life". Following up on the well received 2016 "CCE Catalogue Introduction" at the Restaurant of Terrazza Mare Pier, this year´s Biker Fest will again see a presentation by Ivano Segato, introducing the 2018 Catalogue Update Edition 47 and the accompanying Website improvements.Segato's presentation will be supported by CCE Sales Director, Marc Strieffler, and Press Freelancer "Motographer", Horst Roesler, who will report on the latest CCE Website additions as well as current trends from his 2018 visits at Daytona Bike Week and Wisconsin. A Biker Fest Date you should not miss!



We renew the invitation to all motorcycle travellers and Travel agencies (specialized in trips for bikers) to take part at “Motorbike without frontier”, the area of the Biker Fest dedicated to great motorbike trips. This area was born to present and make know personal histories, trip experiences, projects, organized trips, books and to give some useful advice to whom is going to start a long motorcycle trip. About 12 well know travellers will tell their personal experience. Special Guest Mr Alfeo “Cocco” Carnelutti, a seventy years old biker, who is going to start a trip up to Samarcanda, in Uzbekistan, by a 1939 Harley-Davidson. As in the past years, Maurizio De Biasio is the contact person of the area:

Come già accaduto varie volte nel Bel Paese questo evento ha precorso molte tendenze ed è stata la prima a realizzare anche un evento interamente dedicato alle Scrambler, anticipando quello che sarebbe divenuto uno dei fenomeni più in vista del momento. Così ancora una volta si darà vita alla Scrambler Challenge, una competizione goliardica dedicata ai mezzi tassellati in stile vintage e custom, alle Scrambler appunto le nonne dell’attuale Enduro! Quest’anno ci sarà un nuovo tracciato da TT. Iscrivetevi subito e venite a scoprirlo: